The beach is an ALCOHOL AND SMOKE FREE AREA.  All beach use is restricted to those who have paid the established fees. Presentation of your beach pass is required at the entrance gate.


THE LIFEGUARDS HAVE FULL AUTHORITY TO ENFORCE THE RULES FOR THE BEACH AREA. Any failure to comply with these rules, or threatening and defying the authority of the lifeguards could cause your beach pass to be revoked, and pass users to be asked to leave the beach area. If no lifeguard is on duty, any swimming or use of the area is at your own risk.


The beach area is open daily from June to September.  When the lake is being treated for weeds and algae, the beach may be closed as required.


In such a case where maintenance or emergency conditions may exist, swimmers will be instructed to and must remove themselves from the water, swimming area or beach to secure a safe environment for the performance of duties.


Children under the age of fourteen must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of eighteen.


Swimming is permitted only in the designated, float enclosed, areas.  No swimming in the fishing area.


Foul language or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  You may be asked to leave and your pass revoked.


NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED IN THE BEACH AREA.  All other beverages must be in plastic or metal containers.  No glass containers allowed in the beach area.


No dogs or animals allowed on the beach or in the swimming area.  (Exception for service dogs and seeing eye dogs, but they must be on a 6 feet or shorter leash.) Per S.B. Health Department.


The spillway and north side of the swimming area are off limits.


Swimming aids and inflatable rafts no longer than eight feet in length, and two person capacity, are allowed in the swimming area.  Check with the lifeguard on duty.


Water crafts other than swimming aids are not permitted in swimming area. Emergency or maintenance crafts are exempt.


Fishing is not permitted in the swimming area.


Diving is allowed from the deep water swim float only.  No diving is allowed from the shallow end swim float.


Children must pass a lifeguard supervised swim test prior to using the deep water swim float.


Picnic table use is on a first come first served bases.


No open fires in the beach area.  Barbecue grills are located in the picnic area.


Always try to leave your area cleaner than you found it.  Trash receptacles are located around the lake.


Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in revocation of your beach pass.



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