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A Message from the President of the Board of Directors,

Green Valley Recreation would like to thank the sponsors that donated items for the 2021 Kids Fishing Derby. Items that were donated were Daiwa and Shimano rod/reel combo's, Fly rod/reel combos and other rod /reel combos from GVL Tackle and GVL Man with a Rake. There was also Daiwa hats, jig boxes, jig packets and hats by CML Baits and Sniper Baits. There were also Hydration Packs, Tackle Packs, Leaders and Rigs, Gear and Certificates for BBQ Dinner from Q Smokehouse. We also had every one receive a hand towel with carabiner from the The Boyz Fishing and a Derby Catch Picture Board from Father and Son Fishing. Also donated were Gear Gift Certificates from Big Bear Disposal Punch and Cookies from Black Dog Café as well as the Trophies and Ribbons from local business Man with a Rake. There was enough donated for everyone who participated in the derby to receive a prize it was also a good day of fishing where many limits of trout were caught. For the list of sponsors, please click here.


Below are the results from the 2021 Kids Fishing Derby

where each First place finish received a trophy and 2nd or 3rd place finish received ribbons.


First Fish
1. Gavin Lennig                    1.18lbs
2. Ashuf Sommer                 0.40lbs
3. Josiah Vazquez                 1.53lbs


Biggest Fish
1. Jacob Vazquez                  2.05lbs
2. Brianna Acevedo              1.82lbs
3. Travis Tsudivchi              1.79lbs


Heavies Stringer
1. Ashuf Sommer                  6.88lbs
2. Brianna Acevedo              6.70lbs
3. Micha Synder                   6.57lbs


Green Valley Lake Recreation will be having our Lake opening on May 19th, 2023.
We will also be having our 2023 Kids Fishing Derby again this year on Jun
e 17th!

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